Thursday, 12 November 2015

Moving to Wordpress

I've decided to move to across to Wordpress and continue blogging there to see how I get on with it.


Thank you and see you over there!


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

My Current Evening Skincare Routine

I uploaded my morning skincare routine on Sunday, so here's my evening routine to follow up. As you'd expect, there's a few more products involved.

FYI: I have normal-dry but spot prone skin that is prone to marking.

The Products

The first step has to be to remove the makeup from the day! This one smells lovely and removes my base makeup well, it's not the best with eye makeup and leaves a bit behind (it stings a bit) but the rest gets mostly removed with my cleanser. I might buy a separate eye makeup remover as this product hardly breaks the bank. I have used the Garnier and Nivea ones before and they do the same job, but I chose to get the Superdrug one this time as their own brand is certified cruelty free.

Cotton Pads: Cien Makeup Pads from Lidl
I thought I would just quickly include these as they are AMAZING as far as cotton pads go. They're such good quality (much better than some other ones that are more expensive, like Superdrug's) and are great value! You get 140 and they're something like 60p. If you shop in Lidl, definitely try these out.

The same cleanser as I use in the morning, it's so creamy and nourishing! It's gentle enough to use on the eyes too so it can remove any leftover makeup. 

I switch this up and use Liquid Gold pretty much every other night at the moment. It's a strong formulation and initially can sting a tiny bit but that goes away quickly and it's great. I don't always moisturise after using either of these products as they contain moisturising ingredients themselves and sometimes that's enough; I don't wake up feeling my skin is tight. When I'm not using Liquid Gold, I'll use the Nip+Fab pads. I've just started trying out the Glycolic Fix Extreme Night Pads too, I don't know how different they'll be!

This is a much nicer consistency to the one I featured in my morning routine. It seems to contain some good ingredients and my eyes have had no problem with it. My eyes are not a problem area for me so it's hard to notice any difference but it feels good and I hope it's doing the job of 'defence'. 

As mentioned above, I don't always use a separate moisturiser as night as the exfoliators handle that on their own a lot of the time. But I do add this step every now and then and this is the one I'm currently using. Another Yes To product, so its over 95% natural. It's nothing fancy but adds a bit of hydration, I wouldn't call it intense at all though! It's fairly light in my opinion.

Here are the masks/treatments I own and use every now and then, as and when I have the time or feel my skin needs some TLC.

This is a clarifying scrub/mask combo. You apply it and massage it around your face, it says to leave it on for two minutes but I usually leave it on longer. It's quite cool to use as it's blue and it goes fairly solid. I like it and my skin feels very clean after using it!

This is a good, affordable clay mask, the smell is a bit of a put off for me though and I'm not sure how much of a positive effect it has on my skin. I can't say I feel it's been instrumental in my skin getting better, but then I haven't really given it a chance and used it frequently. I think you probably have to use things like this frequently for them to have any effect and I always forget about masks. If I made it a weekly event maybe I'd have more visible results...

I find this very similar to the cleanser in the range! It's almost like just slathering that over your face, but anyway, its lovely and hydrating to use and my skin feels soft after use. It smells very pleasant like you'd expect from a rose range and it's not uncomfortable to use as it doesn't dry or anything, just sits on your skin.

An acne/spot spray that you rub all over the affected areas of your skin. It's a wonderful natural formula and smells like it should be good for your skin. The idea is that it's a complete opposite to many of the harsh treatments available, and I love that about it. Anyone that's struggling with their skin and has only used such treatments might want to give this a try. I didn't see miraculous results, but I think it made a contribution in calming my skin down. I don't have much left and I may possibly buy a new bottle. For now I'm just using the remainder whenever I feel an area of my face is flaring up again.


Sunday, 8 November 2015

My Current Morning Skincare Routine

My skin is doing pretty well at the moment. It had a bad time of it this year, but since September is seems to have been fairly well behaved. Spots are far less frequent (touch wood) and stubborn ones have cleared up. Unfortunately they've left behind lots of marks on my cheeks and chin, but I'm hopeful they will fade in time. A good base of makeup sorts that out though! At least there's less of the foundation covered lumps and bumps now, never pretty.

FYI: I have normal-dry but spot prone skin that is prone to marking.

The Products

This is what I'm currently using as of recently, but before this I was using Superfacialist Rose Hydrate  Cleanser which is very similar in the job it does and a fraction of the price. I am definitely converted to cream cleansers, they're so gentle and nourishing, I can't imagine using a foaming cleanser daily now! Ew.

I'm onto my third tub of these already! I use them every morning and night (if I'm not opting for an alternative treatment) and I think I owe them a lot of credit for making my skin clearer. Glycolic acid is definitely not something to be scared of, just make sure you wear SPF after using it. I would consider trying some of the other AHA/BHA pads out there (like FAB Facial Radiance Pads and Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads) but as a more affordable option, for now, these are brilliant.

Eye Cream: Superdrug Vitamin E Radiance Eye Cream
This is a cheap and cheerful product, one that does the job. I wanted an eye cream with SPF, surprisingly these seem to be few and far between. I presumed eyes would require SPF as they are so delicate and one of the first places to show aging. The formula of this one is quite thick, and I didn't get along with it at all at first, but I've managed to make it work. It just requires some gentle rubbing and dabbing, and not using too much! It's helpful if your skin is thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated before applying as otherwise it goes all flakey. I will be on the lookout for an alternative when this is finished.

As I said above, it's important to wear some SPF when using glycolic products. This has SPF 15, ideally I would like a bit higher, but I think 15 is enough for the British winter time! It's a nice moisturiser, hydrating enough for my normal/dry skin and provides a good base for makeup. It can initially feel a bit greasy but that fades within seconds once patted in. I also love that it has 95% natural ingredients, I definitely want to start using more natural and organic products.

Any recommendations for day moisturisers or eye creams with SPF? Let me know in the comments!
My evening routine plus treatments and masks I use will be up Tuesday!


Friday, 6 November 2015

Italy Photo Diary: Florence

Here is the Florence installment of my Italy Photo Diary. You can view my Rome installment by clicking here.

I'm so glad we got to experience both of these cities; after visiting them both I could not pick them apart or say I preferred one over the other. They are both fairly different from one another but I love and appreciated both equally for different reasons. Florence had more relaxed vibes than Rome but was far busier than I expected. It's uniform of terracotta roofs and Tuscan colour scheme made it endearing, and the Duomo truly is a stunning thing to look upon everyday. Unlike Rome where we walked a hell of a lot, Florence was refreshingly compact and it was easy to walk everywhere with minimal exhaustion. The only thing that challenged us was the walk to Piazzale Michelangelo, which for the stunning view was 100% worth it!

Monday, 2 November 2015

Italy Photo Diary: Rome

Two months ago today I was on my way to Rome with my boyfriend on our first ever holiday together on our 3 year anniversary. And shamefully it has taken me this long to cobble together some posts of the photos I took over there. However I did throw together a holiday outfit diary of sorts (click here for that).

I took hundreds of photos so it's been hard selecting the best ones. I'm going to split this into two posts and dedicate one to Rome and one to Florence as I simply have too many photos! So I hope you enjoy scrolling through these and I'll leave a passage at the end with information of what we did/where we stayed etc. I definitely don't know enough to collate any kind of 'Guide to' Rome or Florence but I can share my experience if anyone is interested. So without further ado...